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Sex hormones are also widely used both as contraceptive pills and to eliminate or reduce the severity of pathological processes in the genital tract of a woman.
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Also, anabolic hormonal drugs can be used because of their anabolic properties. In this regard, they are indicated for cachexia, asthenia, taking glucocorticoids (to reduce the severity of the catabolic effect) and osteoporosis.
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Depending on the indications, both high pressure (most often) and low pressure tablets can be used.
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In addition, pathological arterial hypertension is one of the most commons cardiovascular diseases. In addition, with this disease, the risk of progression of concomitant diseases, often leading to death, increases significantly.
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Arterial hypertension can be both physiological and pathological. Pathological arterial hypertension can be both idiopathic and symptomatic.
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As a rule, after the diagnosis of hypertension is established, pressure pills are taken regularly.
Pressure pills are prescribed exclusively by a specialist in accordance with the damage to target organs (heart, blood vessels and kidneys), as well as pathological conditions associated with the disease.

According to numerous studies, pressure pills are most effective for:

previous stroke - any of the above antihypertensive drugs; previous myocardial infarction - from the groups of beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors; chronic heart failure - from the groups of ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, aldosterone antagonists and diuretics; atrial fibrillation - from the groups of ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers; renal failure - from the groups of ACE inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blockers and loop diuretics.

They do not eliminate the cause of the increase in blood pressure, but in one way or another they allow you to maintain it at a level favorable for the body's work. Due to the fact that high concentrations of drugs can cause the development of side effects, it is recommended to take several drugs at the same time, but in small doses. This will allow, due to the mutually potentiating effect, to reduce the likelihood of complications.

With a sharp and pronounced increase in blood pressure (hypertensive crises), both pills and intravenous administration of antihypertensive drugs are carried out. Due to the high likelihood of developing severe complications, it is recommended to call an ambulance.

The need to increase blood pressure arises, as a rule, in a medical institution in connection with acute conditions. In this regard, the administration of drugs is carried out, as a rule, intravenously.

The contraceptive pill is a fairly common method of contraception and is a well-known and widely used alternative to other types of birth control. As a rule, they contain hormonal agents that prevent ovulation and, thus, make conception unlikely.

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There are a huge number of contraceptive pills with different compositions and dosage regimens. The most acceptable drugs with a pronounced effect and a minimum number of side effects include the following groups of drugs: combined estrogen - gestagenic; containing microdoses of gestagens.

Unfortunately, even if all instructions are followed, there is still a chance of developing pregnancy. In addition, the likelihood of developing severe side effects due to the systemic action of hormonal drugs is quite high. Also, contraceptive pills, unlike barrier contraception, do not have any protection against sexually transmitted diseases. In this regard, with a large number of sexual partners, it is recommended to give preference to barrier methods of contraception.

Due to the large number of side effects due to the presence of hormonal substances in the tablets, their intake is recommended only after consultation with a specialist (usually gynecologists). There are also birth control pills for men, but the low severity of the effect and the high incidence of complications (more than 20% of cases) have led to their low prevalence. Many women in the modern world care about which pills to drink for weight loss. Moreover, this issue worries both women with normal body weight and with an increased one, which is determined by the value of the body mass index.